Prairie dog ownership is a very obscure business. This website serves to provide a community where prairie owners, breeders, and experts can share information. It was started by an owner who has lost prairie dogs due to a lack of information, who is equally concerned with establishing a forum to speak out against dangerous or cruel practices in prairie dog distribution due to a lack of general knowledge and awareness.

You may also find us on Twitter.

You may also find it useful to interact with the community at Black Tailed Prairie Dogs. If you have a prairie dog that you need to give up or you have/need supplies, try to post there.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I have a prairie dog that is about 1 year old that I have had since he was a pup. I am moving into a very small place and I do not have room for the cage and cannot take him with me. Is there anyone that can give him a good home? The cage is included but I know he needs to be with someone that knows how to care for a prairie dog, so I will not let him go to anyone unless I know they know how to take care of him.
    Please let me know. I live in the area of Chicago, Illinois.

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